Jiajun Yao

Stay hungry, Stay foolish.

Good Economics for Hard Times

2020,世界很复杂。贸易战,美国大选,全球气候变暖,贫富差距扩大化等热点问题影响着我们每一个人。如果你也对这些问题感兴趣,我推荐你阅读《Good Economics for Hard Times》。这本书可能会带给你一些不同的角度来看待这些问题,有些甚至可能完全颠覆你以往的认知。以下是我的读书笔记:

  1. 移民
  2. 全球化
  3. 偏见
  4. 经济增长
  5. 气候变暖
  6. 贫富差距

Linux PID

In the Linux world, pid means two things. It’s the id of a process from POSIX’s point of view and the id of a task from kernel’s point of view.


Microbenchmark is used to measure the performance of a small piece of code for the purpose of performance optimization. Writing a good microbenchmark is hard and that’s why we should use microbenchmark frameworks (e.g. JMH for Java and Google Benchmark for C++) to help us. This post contains microbenchmarks that I think are interesting.

HugeTLBFS Read Bug

Hit a Linux kernel bug that read() returns wrong data if it crosses a hugepage boundary.

Jonathan Lee

我说我喜欢你的歌,我不知道这算不算是一件好事。 我说我喜欢你的词,总是道出我心中不欲人知的事。