Jiajun Yao

Stay hungry, Stay foolish.

Crossing the Chasm

For B2B high-tech startup, there is a period when the product is already successful in the early market and is trying to enter the mainstream market. This period is called crossing-the-chasm period and it’s peril. Many startups die during this period and never reach the mainstream market. This book tells us why there is such a period and why it’s dangerous. It also shows how we can get through this period and be successful in the mainstream market.

Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

When you ask people if they want to be multipliers who make surrounding people better or diminishers who make everyone worse, most people will say that they want to be multipliers. However, in reality, many people are accidental diminishers in some aspects. Being a true multiplier requires a multiplier mindset and certain approaches. This book tells you what multipliers are and how to become one.

Keep Your Eyes Open

As engineers, our job is to solve problems. In order to do that, we need to discover them first. To me, the best way to find problems is through doing things while keeping the eyes open.

Response Time and Throughput

For the discussion of this post, response time is the time between a service receiving a request and returning a response. It is the sum of waiting time and processing time. Waiting time is how long the request waits in queues before being processed. Processing time is the time to actually do the work of the request. Throughput is the number of requests that are completed per unit time. This post discusses how they can be possibly related.

Nondeterministic Code

Nondeterministic code is hard to debug since bugs are not consistently reproducible. It’s easy to notice that the code is perhaps nondeterministic if multi-threading or random functions are involved. However we can still write nondeterministic single-threaded code without using random functions.

Good Economics for Hard Times

2020,世界很复杂。贸易战,美国大选,全球气候变暖,贫富差距扩大化等热点问题影响着我们每一个人。如果你也对这些问题感兴趣,我推荐你阅读《Good Economics for Hard Times》。这本书可能会带给你一些不同的角度来看待这些问题,有些甚至可能完全颠覆你以往的认知。以下是我的读书笔记:

  1. 移民
  2. 全球化
  3. 偏见
  4. 经济增长
  5. 气候变暖
  6. 贫富差距